FAQs for Customer

What is Sirfhomemade?

Sirfhomemade is a online fresh, hygienic homemade food ordering and delivery service. We partner with only the best local Homechefs and empower them to start their own online food business. We aim at providing the best customer service to our customers with quality food and on time food delivery.

How can I download Sirfhomemade App?

You can download our Sirfhomemade app from Google Playstore (Playstore link) and Apple app store (appstore link) or visit our website https://www.sirfhomemade.com and click on the download button to download the app

How can I order food from Sirfhomemade?

Open the Sirfhomemade app from your phone, enter location, and find authentic home-chefs in your neighbourhood. Search for the food of your choice and place your order in just few clicks, Pay online or cash on delivery. Rest back and we will get the food delivered to your doorstep.

How does the refund process work?

If you have unfortunately received food that is not in an edible state or not in good condition, we will immediately verify the matter immediately with you and the chef and process refund in part or full of the particular food item accordingly.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Our delivery charge is Rs 5 per km for all orders.

How can I share feedback?

Delivery Feedback : You may give us valuable Delivery Associate Feedback immediately once the food is delivered.

Homechef Feedback: You may give your precious food/Homechef feedback and rating anytime from my orders once you have enjoyed your food.

Sirfhomemade Feedback: Additionally, If would like to give feedback on our services or express concerns you can write us an email at info@sirfhomemade.com alternately you can also connect with us through customer care no. through the app. Your feedback is most important to us to improve our services and help to serve your better next time.

Can I get a breakfast/dinner delivery service on daily basis from the same chef?

Yes. You can do it easily from our app. Our Homechefs have ready to order recurring menus for weekly and monthly orders. Just search for tiffin in search bar or click on daily tiffin/mess from categories. Choose the best suited menu, choose weekly and monthly plan, place your order in just few clicks and you are all set. We will deliver your daily tiffin as per your selected plan.

Can I raise a Bulk order request or catering service request?

Yes. You can raise a request to our customer support at info@sirfhomemade.com or through our Customer care, and we will find the best Partner Homechef who is ready to serve you.

FAQs for Partner-Chef

How can I register with Sirfhomemade as a Partner Chef?

We are happy that you are interested in joining our family. You can send your joining request as Partner Chef by clicking the JOIN US button on our website https://www.sirfhomemade.com alternatively you can also email us at info@sirfhomemade.com

What happens after I submit the request to join as a Partner Chef with Sirfhomemade?

Step 1: KYC One of our associates will call you to explain you the next steps in joining us as Partner Chef. Once you are ok with it, our associate will then collect more information from you as part enrolment process like house address, do you need assistance in getting food license (having a food license is mandatory), etc. Then our associate shall schedule an appointment at the time of your choice at your place for Step 2: Selection

Step 2: Selection Our business development manager will visit your place as per the scheduled appointment. The manager will then check the kitchen for hygiene, Cooking ingredients, Utensils used, Cooking process and most importantly the taste of the food. We do this step in order to ensure that we always deliver our customers only the best quality and taste.

Step 3: Account access Once you are selected as a Partner Chef, our team will then create an account access for you. The team will then give you a complete app demo and explain you all the necessary features of the partner app and also assist you in creating your first menu and profile.

How can I contact customer support?

In case of any concerns, queries, complaints, and feedback, you can write an email to info@sirfhomemade.com. We’ll respond to you within 24 hours. For urgent assistance you can reach us at our customer service phone no from our app.

How do I access the app?

You can download the Sirfhomemade partner app from Google Playstore store. Once you receive the confirmation of your account access, you can log in to the app using your phone number.

Is there a limit to how many orders can I take in a day?

You are free to take any number of orders you can manage in a day.

Is there any limit to the number of menu items that I can enter in the app?

No. You can add any number of menu items which are delivery friendly.

Is there a minimum number of orders that I can take in a week or month?

No. There is no such criteria. You may take orders as a part-time home-chefs too. You can choose your store business opening and closing hours from the profile settings.

What if I’m not able to complete the order in the given time?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We encourage you to be fully prepared for your orders to reduce delays. We have a penalty charged based on the delay caused. But in case of unavoidable circumstances, we will evaluate the situation with the customer and proper action will be taken accordingly

Can restaurants be a partner with Sirfhomemade?

No. Typically Restaurants are not allowed to partner chef. Our focus is to provide home style hygienic and delicious food to our customers. If an establishment is providing home style food and pass our selection standards only then we shall partner with them.

In case I relocate, can I change my address?

Yes. You can do it from edit profile if you are relocating to a place where we are active then there should not be any issues. But please inform us by calling our customer care no. or email us at info@sirfhomemade.com before you relocate.

My phone number is changed. What should I do?

No Problem. You can call our customer care no. or write an email to info@sirfhomemade.com and request for a phone number change.

How will my payment or earnings be settled?

Yes, you can create a Payment workflow from your Partner app. Your earnings will be transferred to your bank account within 48 hours.

Can I refer a friend to join as a Sirfhomemade Partner Chef?

Yes, Of course. We would be happy to have your referrals in our family and in return you will also earn some referral benefit.

How do Bulk or Catering service request processed?

The customer places a request with Sirfhomemade. Then we will contact you and if you are ready to serve then we will pass on the order to you.

Do you provide packaging material?

All the required packaging material will be provided by us. At first, you will receive merchandised complimentary packaging material. Later, you’ll have to purchase packaging material from us. You can also use your packaging material after getting it approved from us.

How is the Food delivery done?

Our delivery associate come to your house, picks up the parcel, and delivers it to the customers.

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